The two products are Innovative Motion Sensors and Wireless Switches for Automation

Ebullient Automation Pvt Ltd (EAPL) has introduced new power-saving solutions to conserve energy as well as to make a positive impact on the environment. 

According to the founder, Nisarg Shah, technology is going to shape the future, and within this rapidly evolving landscape, there has been an exponential surge in power demand driven by India’s progress and growing population. Hence the two products launched by the company would aim to the bring power-saving solutions.

The two products are Innovative Motion Sensors and Wireless Switches for Automation.

Innovative Motion Sensors have the power to significantly reduce electricity consumption. These discreetly installed motion sensors, whether in our homes or offices, can save between 100-200 units of electricity annually. This translates into not only lower energy bills but also a substantial reduction in CO2 emissions and the preservation of our invaluable trees. 

Wireless Switches for Automation are designed to eliminate up to 80 per cent of wiring. This not only enhances safety by reducing the risk of fire hazards but also brings substantial cost savings, making it an essential part of your eco-friendly lifestyle. With up to 50 per cent lower CAPEX and a remarkable 80 per cent reduction in OPEX (electricity costs), you can embrace a more efficient way of living. 

Motion sensors like the Sensinova SN-Nova4T are compact, durable, and easy to install, their primary focus is on reducing electricity consumption. On the other hand, wireless switches excel in simplifying wiring complexities and enhancing safety.

Ebullient Automation is a pioneering technology company aiming to bring power-saving solutions through innovative motion sensor technology and wireless switches. With its flagship brand Sensinova, Ebullient Automation’s mission is to eliminate all electricity wastage and contribute to a sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle.


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