India’s Most Impactful B2B Tech Expo #DATEwithTech

Digital Acceleration & Transformation Expo Sparking Tech Evolution & Opportunity

Emerging as India’s premier B2B Tech Expo, DATE India 2023 encapsulates the nation’s recent technological triumphs. With 3,000+ attendees and 100 global tech maestros, it’s the nexus for innovators, startups, and investors. Beyond showcasing innovations, DATE crafts the synergy between visionary dreams and real-world tech solutions. It’s not just an event – it’s the pulse of digital transformation, where innovation converges with opportunity.

With a global reach and a local impact, DATE gathers global visionaries, thought leaders, policy makers and tech enthusiasts to explore the latest trends, breakthroughs, and possibilities in the tech landscape.

Our Strategic Partner Cyberverse Foundation


Chairman, Advisory Board, Cyberverse Foundation

CYBERVERSE ( is dedicated to building a robust cyber security ecosystem in India and securing the cyberspace of the nation.

Its Vision is to be a beacon for cyber security in India and beyond. Its Mission, consistent with Government of India’s National Cyber security Policy, is a) spreading awareness and building a sustainable Cyber security ecosystem; b) facilitating capacity building by developing skilled human capital, latest technologies, and processes in support of Digital India; c) conducting cutting-edge R&D in Cyber security and allied areas; and d) undertaking Policy advocacy to strengthen the Digital Universe.

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