Made in IndiaX3 BMS

RXN Electric Pvt. Ltd. is a Delhi based electronic design and manufacturing company specializing in Power Electronics. RXN has developed cutting edge electronic products with a clear advantage over the existing market. RXN Electric’s Made in India X3 BMS is a robust, accurate and extremely reliable industrial grade BMS with best-in-class surge current handling and short circuit protection capability. Multi-channel current and voltage sensing, isolated communication, extremely high inductive transient capacity along with an advanced Curve-Traced-Balancing technology are some of the features that makes the X-Series BMS unchallenged in terms of reliability and safety.

  • AIS-156-A3 compliant
  • Positive terminal (High Side) Switch
  • Ultra-fast current response time
  • Extremely high transient immunity

Isolated CAN and RS-485 (Bluetooth, GPS and GPRS also available)

The X-Series BMS is available from 36V to 72V and up to 100A. It is suitable for energy storage systems as well as EV applications.

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