Introducing RXN Battery Management System (BMS)

Introducing RXN Battery Management System (BMS)
In an era fuelled by technology and innovation, our demand for efficient energy is insatiable. Our modern lives are woven with devices that demand a constant stream of energy.

Lithium batteries have emerged as the frontrunners, revolutionizing how we power out gadgets and machines, offering high energy density, extensive life cycles and lightweight design, making them the preferred choice for energy storage. To ensure optimal performance and longevity of these batteries, a Battery Management System (BMS) is vital.

Recognizing this necessity, RXN Electric proudly presents its award-winning Battery Management System (BMS) that stands as a testament to precision and reliability. In adherence to quality standards, RXN BMS is compliant with AIS-156 regulations. Moreover, it is proudly Made in India, reflecting our commitment to local innovation and self-reliance.
Advanced Curve Traced Passive Balancing Technology
Typical BMS solutions in the market usually balance batteries only during charging, which usually works well. However, with the rise of rapid charging, this approach falls short due to time limitations. We addressed this by creating a unique “Advanced Curve Traced Passive Balancing Technology” algorithm. It constantly balances each battery cell whether it is charging, discharging, or idle. This smart balancing also ensures the process is less intense and more efficient.
Fast Charging Compatibility
The curve traced balancing algorithm, combined with accurate internal resistance calculations, makes the RXN BMS highly compatible with fast charging applications. It facilitates 24×7 efficient balancing and can accurately determine internal resistance, ensuring optimal performance during rapid charging.
Positive Terminal (High Side) Switch
RXN BMS stands apart by offering a high-side protection switch. By having a switch on the positive terminal, the negative terminal of the battery remains at zero potential, enhancing stability, especially in scenarios with multiple battery ground referenced circuits.

High Transient Immunity
RXN BMS can handle flyback voltage transients of up to 30kW, a significant advantage in terms of reliability and ruggedness. This high transient immunity is quantitatively specified, enabling integration engineers to add additional protection if needed, providing a safety net against unexpected flyback events.
Ultra-fast Short Circuit Protection
With a rapid current response time of less than 10μs, RXN BMS swiftly reacts to short circuits. An intelligent algorithm filters out spurious fluctuations, ensuring precise detection of actual short circuits and preventing erroneous triggering of protection switches.
Diverse Connectivity options
The RXN BMS offers a plethora of connectivity options, allowing extensive data logging and monitoring. Wired connections through isolated CAN Bus, RS-485, and UART, coupled with wireless options like Bluetooth, GPRS, and GPS, cater to varied communication needs.
Warranty that Protects, Quality that Delivers
Battery manufacturers often encounter challenges like occasional services due to BMS related issues. Understanding these industry challenges, RXN Electric strives to mitigate these hurdles by offering 2 years of comprehensive warranty. We are committed to delivering a dependable and top-notch solution.
Dedicated After-sales Service
At RXN Electric, our commitment does not end with the sale. Challenges can emerge unexpectedly, requiring timely and efficient solutions. That is why we provide dedicated after-sales service to our customers. Our experienced team is always ready to guide and assist, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience. | +91 9958998734 |
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